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ATO Logbook App & Driversnote - Automate KM Tracking
6 June 2023 - 5 min read

ATO Logbook App & Driversnote - Automate KM Tracking

The ATO app is quite comprehensive tax-wise, but it does not offer automatic tracking of your business kilometres. See how to simplify your kilometre tracking with Driversnote.

The ATO logbook app

The ATO app is a quick and easy way to access and manage your tax and super accounts while on the go. It can help you organise your data for taxes. It also allows you to follow the progress of your tax return, view the outcome and email the data to yourself or your tax agent.

The ATO app also allows you to log the kilometres you’ve driven for car expenses deductions. However, it isn’t as automated as most apps for tracking travel - you will have to open the ATO app and start tracking trips every time you drive. While the ATO vehicle log book app may suit your needs if you don’t travel much, it can become quite cumbersome to use if you often drive your car for business purposes.

If you are looking to automate recording your travel you will have to consider an ATO app alternative.


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Driversnote as your ATO logbook app alternative

If the ATO app doesn’t cover your business km tracking needs, we offer the following features that will make keeping a logbook a breeze:

  • Automatic kilometre tracking. With the ATO app, you need to open the app and manually start a trip every time you travel. Using a logbook app like Driversnote will automatically track trips in the background and will ensure you don’t forget to log any kilometres, maximising your deductions. You can also track kilometres only in your specified vehicle with a small dedicated device for your car - the iBeacon.
  • Automatic data backup. Even automatically logged trips will be of no use if your data isn’t backed up in case you lose your mobile phone. Driversnote automatically backs up your data and you can access your records with your login details from other devices. With the ATO vehicle log book app, you must back up your data manually, adding more time to keeping a logbook.
  • Records can be used for either reporting to employers or to the ATO. An app that allows you to track and report mileage to your employer for reimbursement, or create logbooks for your tax deductions will give you greater flexibility should you switch employment or your situation changes. 
  • Up-to-date ATO rates and % split of kilometres. No matter which method you use to claim car expenses - by the cents per km or the logbook method, the app you use should be able to calculate the cents per km deduction based on the correct ATO rates or provide you with a percentage split of your business vs personal kilometres for the logbook method claim.
  • Odometer log. Look for an app that allows you to record your odometer readings at the start and end of the year, and automatically updates your odometer readings after each trip.
  • Great support. Any solution you use for important things like your taxes should offer you great support. Driversnote has a dedicated, friendly and responsive support team, ready to answer your queries about the app quickly. Due to the many services the ATO offers, support for their logbook solution may be slow at times.
  • Customisation. Driversnote allows you to set your own reimbursement rates if you get per km reimbursement from your employer, and specify what to include in your logbook reports. The app can automatically set the purpose of your trips and you can also track kilometres for multiple vehicles and workplaces, and save often-visited addresses. While the ATO app supports multiple vehicles, you cannot customise much else according to your situation.


Compare the ATO logbook app vs the Driversnote App


Driversnote logbook app

ATO logbook app

Automatic trip tracking


Auto-tracking with a device


Automatic data backup


Classifying trips

No “Personal” trip option

Per km rates and % split of kilometres


Send logbook reports

Odometer log

Multiple vehicles & workplaces

Only multiple vehicles

Add notes to trips

App Support


The Driversnote app serves as a mileage tracker, odometer app, and logbook for your employee reimbursement or ATO deductions.

Automatic tracking will help you achieve maximum mileage tax returns as you will never forget to log any trips. Tracking mileage is easy with Driversnote - the app has all of the features that will help you keep compliant records of your business kilometres.


The ATO app is not specialised in mileage tracking, but it offers various options for organising data for tax returns, such as receipts and trips. However, if you need a solution for automatic mileage tracking or specialised tracking, you may need to consider an ATO app alternative.
The Driversnote app is an excellent ATO app alternative for automatic mileage tracking, offering features such as tracking and auto-tracking, classifying, reporting, odometer log, and customisation of trips.
Driversnote has all the features you need to create compliant logbooks for your employee reimbursement or ATO tax deductions. The app tracks your mileage automatically so you don’t miss out on any eligible kilometres. Remember, it is still your responsibility to review and create your logbooks on time and send them to your employer or tax agent.

How to automate your mileage logbook

Manually filling out your logbook can get tedious - see how to automatically track trips for your mileage reimbursement or deductions.
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