Driversnote for Teams

Reduce your team’s mileage workload

Quickly review & validate your team’s reimbursement claims with easy workflows for submitting and approving mileage.


Millions of users trust Driversnote with their mileage log

Employees automate their mileage logging

  • Track mileage with your phones - no more hand-written paper logbooks.
  • Automatic trip tracking available. Never forget to track a trip again.
  • Instantly create and share mileage reports with approvers.

Managers save time with simple approval and admin tools

  • Receive accurate and consistent mileage reports from your team.
  • Get an overview of your team’s status at a glance.
  • Approve or reject mileage reports in seconds.
  • Invite and remove users and assign roles on the fly.

Pay for what you need

Driversnote Teams gives you the flexibility to create as many free and paid accounts as you need, whenever you need them. Organise users in teams and pay for everyone with one credit card.

The manager approving mileage reports doesn’t drive for work? Give them a free account!

An employee leaves your business? No problem, you can transfer their license to another user or cancel it with ease.

Privacy by design

Each employee’s trip data remains the property of the employee. Employers can only access data explicitly shared by employees in their mileage reports - maintaining employees’ privacy at all times.

All tracked data is stored securely in the cloud and accessible whenever it’s needed - with backups and security in line with EU requirements.

Get started today

Sign up for free, invite your team, and get started with Driversnote Teams today! If you have questions or need help don’t hesitate to get in touch.