A vehicle log book app to track your trips with ease

Simply tap auto track or press start and let the app take care of the rest. Using your phone’s GPS, we record your trip from start to finish.

Automate your motor vehicle log book

Go a step further and never forget to log a trip again. With a Driversnote iBeacon in the car, the app will detect when you enter and leave your vehicle. All your trips will be automatically logged in the background. Just keep the phone in your pocket and our vehicle log book app will take care of the rest!

Motion tracking


The app starts tracking as soon as you reach a certain speed. This is a good choice if you just started using our app.

  • Auto tracking
  • Tracks other trips such as bus rides etc.
  • Requires more time reviewing
  • More battery usage

iBeacon tracking

Auto tracking will start when your phone is close to your vehicle. Place the iBeacon in the car and let the app do the rest!

  • Auto tracking
  • Tracks trips on your specified vehicle
  • Requires less time reviewing
  • Uses less battery

Manually updating your vehicle log book

Driversnote provides you with all the tools needed for a detailed log for your reimbursement and deductions. Track individual trips, log in past drives and record your odometer at any time.

Start tracking a trip at anytime

Want to track an individual trip instead of a full day’s worth of driving? Simply press Start and the app will start recording your trip using your phone’s GPS. In the end, just tap Stop and the app will save the trip.

Create a manual trip

Did you forget to track a trip? No worries, you can always use the app or web interface to manually add a trip later on. Simply add the starting and ending address and we will calculate the route for you.

Log odometer readings

If you need to document the status of your car’s odometer, we’ve got you covered. You choose how often to log the odometer readings, and we can even send you reminders to do so. We do the maths for you and include the readings in your report.

Other features

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Frequently asked questions

We have three easy options for you in our ATO-compliant vehicle log book app!

  1. At any point, in both the app and the Driversnote website, you can enter your starting location (e.g. your home address) and your stop location (e.g. your work address) to manually create a trip.
  2. If you are about to start a trip, simply open the vehicle log book app, tap the plus sign, and select Start tracking a trip. Driversnote will automatically detect your location. When your trip has ended, tap Stop in the upper right corner to complete the log.
  3. If you drive a lot and you forget to start the GPS tracking, or if you are tired of logging each and every trip manually, then you might want to consider automating your vehicle log book with an iBeacon. See more about the iBeacon here, and learn more about how to track and log trips here.

Yes, it is. If you’re using the cents per kilometre method, we’re always up-to-date with the latest cents per km rate from the Tax Office each financial year!

If you’re using the logbook or actual costs method to deduct your car expenses, you simply need to track all of your mileage (classifying each trip as business or personal) to show the percentage of your mileage that is business-related. You’ll also need to keep your odometer updated in the app, whichever method you use.

Regardless of the method used to claim your deduction, Driversnote is the motor vehicle log book for you. Learn more about how to calculate your mileage reimbursement here.

Tracking your mileage for tax purposes requires that you log specific information for each trip you take, including the mileage, date, destination and purpose. The Driversnote mileage tracking app will record all the needed information for you automatically.